GLUT and Windows

Hi, i am new in this, and i see the Glut library, what is the difference between GLUT and standard window Open Gl?


taken from the glut faq on the opengl main page:
3.010 What is GLUT? How is it different from OpenGL?

Because OpenGL doesn’t provide routines for interfacing with a windowing system or input devices, an application must use a variety of other platform-specific routines for this purpose. The result is nonportable code.

Furthermore, these platform-specific routines tend to be full-featured, which complicates construction of small programs and simple demos.

GLUT is a library that addresses these issues by providing a platform-independent interface to window management, menus, and input devices in a simple and elegant manner. Using GLUT comes at the price of some flexibility.

A large amount of information on GLUT is at the GLUT FAQ.

so in my opinion I would choose glut over windows api is much harder to understand and less intuitive. Thats just my opinion

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