glut and vc++6

I have been trying to get glut to work on vc++6 for over a month now and I continue to fail. I tried this over and over:
(1)find all the necessary lib and dlls and put them in their appropriate places.
(2)link opengl32.lib,glu32.lib,glut32.lib into my project settings.
this approach just gives me about 102 errors.
If anyone knows what the problem is please let me know…I AM DESPERATE to get glut working on windows_nt and windows_95/98.


Okay, check the obvious things first:

  1. Are you creating your project as a Win32 console application?

  2. Are you #including either “glut.h” or [shudder] “windows.h” BEFORE “gl.h”? Normally with GLUT you should only #include “glut.h”; it’ll set up the necessary macros and #include “gl.h” for you.

If you’re already doing both of these, please post (or mail me) the errors you’re getting, and we’ll see what we can do.

Don’t give up! A lot of people have problems starting out with GLUT, but I’ve never seen one that was insoluble.

Mike C is correct- the only thing you need
to include is glut.h skip the gl/gl.h and
gl/glu.h also check that glut.h,glut.lib and
glut.dll (or glut32.lib glut32.dll)
are in the appropriate directories

I have GLUT working on both VC++ 4.0 and
VC++ 6.0 and it works just fine - don’t give
up because GLUT is an invaluable tool for the
beginner… lets you spend more time on the
OpenGL API rather than OS specific window management