glut and the glaux.lib

According to some of my technical resources, I know the glaux.lib is the auxiliary library for simplifing the development of opengl application. But recently I have read some articles about glut, which is also a library of opengl programming and is very like the glaux.lib. I can’t understand the relation of glut and glaux.lib. Who can tell me?

What’s more, the programs using glut I downloaded from internet can’t work well on my PC.The programs, I mean the exe applications, always assert that my system has not some necessary dlls, such as glut.dll.But after I downloading the glut lib and copying it to the same directory of the programs, the programs warn that there is no opengl.dll and also can’t work. As I know, Windows system of Microsoft has embeded the opengl libraries, such as opengl32.lib, glu32.lib, glaux.lib and some dlls, but what does the opengl.dll mean?

Anybody can tell me the answer? Thanks.

P.S. My PC uses Win2k system.

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This is how I remember the glaux/glut story:

In the beginning was a library called aux used for the first versions of the red book. Microsoft ported that library and adding a function to read bitmaps the result was called glaux. A better library with more features was developed by Mark Kilgard this is the glut library.

About glut.dll and glut32.dll is the story something like:

Microsoft wanted to take full control and pushed their Direct3D library and stoped to update OpenGL. One of their false selling arguments was it was faster than OpenGL. To demonstrate this was software renders used for both libraries and inded did D3D win because it supported MMX. SGI then released a OpenGL implementation with MMX with equal speed. The files in that package did not end in “32” so they was called opengl.lib, glut.lib. Today is those libraries obsolete because the actual OpenGL implementation used is from the hardware vendor and is state of the art stuff.

Get glut32.* from Nate Robins instead

I know something new again.Thank u.

But there is still a problem. That is the programs using glut I downloaded from internet can’t work. I have downloaded glut, and put the files into the necessary directories, but each program still complains that it can’t find opengl.dll.

As you said, opengl.dll can support MMX, like the D3D, that is to say opengl.dll is very different to opengl32.dll. So I think that to simply rename the opengl32.dll can’t resolve the problem.

I have searched opengl.dll on internet, but strangely I can’t find it to download.

Anybody can help me? Thanks.

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actually the only thing that is different between opengl32.dll and opengl.dll is the implementation, the functions themselves are all the same. You should be able to just make a copy of opengl32.dll and rename it opengl.dll and have everything work. Try it

Firstly thank you for your help.

I rename the opengl32.dll to opengl.dll, but the application alerts that it can’t locate the entry of SetPixelFormat() in opengl.dll.

Then how can I resolve this problem?