Glut and Menubars

I’ve made a 3D-application using Glut.
In that I can change a couple of parameters (changing to wireframe and that kind of stuff) by pressing a key. Problem is that users need to know what key to press to get a certain effect. So I want to add a menu, where with a couple of clicks, the user gets the desired effect. Problem is that the movement in the virtual world is done using the mouse, so I can’t attach the menu to a mouse button. This means that I need to make a menubar-like menu. From what I’ve heard, this isn’t possible using Glut. I can’t really believe that, so my question: Is there a way to add a menubar, or something working similar to that, to my glut application?

IT is impossible with glut. You will have to use windows api(unless its linux) to get a menu bar. Its very easy.