glut and keyboard

I know that you can use

case ‘27’:

to check for the esc key, but what about the arrows, or shift keys.

Where can i find a list for this?

use glutSpecialFunc which does the same thing as glutKeyboardFunc but for ‘special’ keys:

void specialFunc(int key, int x, int y)
      case GLUT_KEY_UP: break;
      case GLUT_KEY_F1: break;
      case GLUT_KEY_PAGE_DOWN: break;


see glut.h for more info (also check glutSpecialUpFunc)


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do a search in the help files for “ascii character codes” or at m$ msdn site (i am sure there are more sites out there with this information).

it will show a chart of the various characters along with their ascii values.

For the “special” keys, glut has predefined ascii codes. just go: case GLUT_KEY_UP:
instead of case whateverasciicode:
but this only works for the “special” keys.