GLUT - And how to get the fu**ing hDC

Hello outhere !!!
Now I’m stuck in a disadvantige I didnt see when I began using GLUT (for me GLUT is really COOL!!, but there can be other meanings - when so, tell me).

The Problem:
How Can I get the Handle od the Device Context (hDC) when I’m using GLUT.

The Solution :
Ahhm… Sorry Mr. Officer :-/

thx for every Help!!!

you can’t


In fact there is no way to get the Handle of the DC when using GLUT??
miserable, paltry, pathetic, poor !!!
I cant believe…

Sure you can.

Try using wglGetCurrentDC().


thanx Siwko
I’ didn’t try so far,
BUT where is my platform-independece , now ???
(this is a Windows-API function )

I could get the RIGHT hDC, it WORKED!!

But still Winapi

Getting the HDC has to be Windows-specific – there is no such thing as an HDC outside of Windows.

  • Matt

Absolutly right, yes.
never thought to this!
If I got to give a Handle as param, my
function itself is Winapi, hmmm. Dumb-me!