GLUT and framebuffer size

I do GPGPU programming and use GLUT mainly to get a rendering context. I use FBO and would like to create really large framebuffers (4096x4096 would be nice). The problem is that I don’t seem to be able to create framebuffers larger than the GLUT window, and the GLUT window don’t seem to get any larger than the screen resolution.

Is there any way round this still using GLUT, or do I need to do all the hard work manually?

I can create 4096x4096x32 FBOs in my program fine. The GLUT window shouldn’t be a limitation there; I don’t even display the window in my application.

If GLUT is causing you problems there are several other (non-portable) ways to create rendering contexts. In Windows, for example, I can use a 0x0 sized off-screen window to create a context which supports full hardware acceleration and 4K FP FBOs.