Glut and Flickering

Actually I am developing with the Glut library and I have a problem with flickering in the window, when I am rendering round about 400 quads.
I think that this number is not very high and the graphics card should be able to manage it but there is a flicker problem. The flickering appears if the window dimension is high, e.g. 1920x1080 but if I am reducing the window size the flickering stops.
I configured the glut window with double buffer and I use in the display function “glutSwapBuffers”. At the end I invoke “glutPostRedisplay” in the display function.
I hope that somebody can help me…

Who knows what the problem might be. Flickering sometimes happens if your not synced to vertical refresh. Try to enable VSync in your driver then. Otherwise, I don’t know.

Can you post your code?