i came across that function…
void gluSphere
( GLUquadric* quad
, GLdouble radius
, GLint slices
, GLint stacks

what i am looking for is if there is any similar function for drawing cubes…(not with glutsolidcube)… cause i want to “attach” it to an object created with gluNewQuadratic…


edit:i found this one:
isn’t it suposed to draw me the object as i have load it?


in other words, i want to attach an image to a cube… it works perfectly for a sphere, so there is nothing wrong with the textures… what i want is with what command i can attach it to a cube…

Look inside glu.h
Do you see gluCube…it doesn’t exist. Drawing a cube is a very complex operation and we are still working on. There are 50 scientists working on it.