I want to use gluscaleimage to ---- scale an image!

I keep getting out of memory errors when I call this function in a windows application.

I have isolated the buggy behavior as follows. I have written a simple program that does nothing except call gluScaleImage. I get the out-of-memory errors. If I recompile, but add either the auxiliary library or glut, and a call to initialize the window, the function runs fine. The problem seems to be with the values of the parameters set by glPixelStore. However, if I call this function before I call glutCreateWindow (or auxInitWindow), I cannot even set these variables.

Obviously, I don’t want to call these functions now that I have integrated my application into windows. What do I do to simulate what these do? I have looked at the source of GlutCreateWIndows and see no calls to any GL functions.

I have found that