gluPerspective( )

I need a bit of help.I’ve rendered an airplane model with :gluPerspective (45.0f, (GLdouble)w/(GLdouble)h, 1.0, 100.0); But this model needs to be integrated with a terrain module which uses:gluPerspective (45.0f, (GLdouble)w/(GLdouble)h, 0.1, -0.10); But, the some of the NURBS surfaces i used get distorted when i integrated my model into the other software.Why shud gluPerspective() function be such a problem?Neither code can be completely rebuilt now…time’s too short.Wat can i do???

first of all… from the MSDN

The gluPerspective function sets up a perspective projection matrix.

The field of view angle, in degrees, in the y-direction.
The aspect ratio that determines the field of view in the x-direction. The aspect ratio is the ratio of x (width) to y (height).
The distance from the viewer to the near clipping plane (always positive).
The distance from the viewer to the far clipping plane (always positive).

zFar should be positive (which it is not in your code) assuming that zFar will be positive 0.1 = 0.10 so a different value would be nice

I would probably shrink the larger model to the smaller frustum or stretch the smaller model to the larger frustum …

So a call to glScalef()