gluPerspective vs. gluFrustum

To me it seems that these two functions accomplish the same thing, i.e. setting up the matrix for perspective viewing. Is that correctly understood? When would one be preferable over the other?
Second question: I’m currently using gluPerspective. What should I specify as FOV, to get a view similar to that used in most 3D-shooters? I am currently using 45 degrees. I use 1.33 (800/600) as aspect ratio. Is that the correct value?

Yes they do the same.

hmm, hehe, you know that god doesn’t like to be limited in his view and you’ll go to hell for 45 degrees, don’t you? 90° is standard


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Are you sure about the 90 degrees? It seems to me that I get a kind of stretched view, when I use that. And about me going to hell, don’t worry. I reserved my seat there a long time ago

90deg is ok (just stick your face 10cm in front of the monitor then there should be no distortion)
btw gluPerspective is just a user friendly wrapper for glFustrum

if i remember correctly, quake defaults to a 45 degree view angle.

Have you ever seen a space sim with a 90 degree FOV? Planets look like eggs!

However, my personal opinion aside, you should consider a user definable FOV. Everyone wins that way!