gluOrtho and perspective

Hello =) iam trying to make a view of an object in 2d, the problem is that i cant get the view math to work… i want to put the x=o and the y=0 values on the top-left corner of the screen, my code is:

void ReSizeGLScene(int Width, int Height)
if (Height==0)

glViewport(0, 0, Width, Height);		



i think the values at gluOrtho2D are ok but i cant see the object, if i use the gluPerspective i can! Iam running under mandrake 9.0 linux but i think theres nothing to do with it.

Does any one know the problem?

Thanks =)
hellox from PT

If you can see them with gluPerspective but not with gluOrtho2D then you must be either setting your vertices with a z coord less than or equal to -0.1 and most likely less than -1.0. Are you using glVertex3 or glVertex2? Are you calling gluLookAt anywhere in your code?