gluLookAt() in OpenGL ES?

Hi all, Is there any replacment function for gluLookAt() in OpenGL ES? It is because I would like to move the camera around my scene, however, It seems that OpenGL ES doesn’t have gluLookAt() function. Thanks.


In opengl ES this function is ;
ugluLookAtf( eyeX,eyeY,eyeZ, objectX,ObjectY,ObjectZ,UpVectorX,UpVectorY,UpVectorZ);

I think I should raise the point that UG is not a part of OpenGL|ES specification. It is a completely undocumented (but handy) ES-related library that is packaged with a few implementations, but not all of them.

ugluLookAt() is just a composite of several OpenGL|ES functions. See this thread if you’re interested in writing your own.

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There is also

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