GLUI on Solaris

does someone succeed in compiling a program using GLUI (GUI for OpenGL programs) on Solaris? Each time I try to compile an example program, gcc displays these errors :

Undefined first referenced
symbol in file
GLUI_Spinner::set_int_limits(int, int, int)main.o
GLUI::add_button(char , int, void ()(int))main.o
GLUI_Master main.o
GLUI::add_separator(void) main.o
GLUI::add_radiobutton_to_group(GLUI_RadioGroup *, char *)main.o
GLUI_Master_Object::create_glui(char *, long, int, int)main.o
GLUI::add_radiogroup_to_panel(GLUI_Panel , int , int, void ()(int))main.o
GLUI_Master_Object::set_glutIdleFunc(void (
GLUI::add_statictext(char *) main.o
GLUI::set_main_gfx_window(int) main.o
GLUI::add_edittext(char *, int, void , int, void ()(int))main.o
GLUI_EditText::get_text(void) main.o
GLUI::add_panel(char *, int) main.o
GLUI::add_checkbox(char *, int , int, void ()(int))main.o
GLUI::add_spinner(char *, int, void , int, void ()(int))main.o
ld: fatal: Symbol referencing errors. No output written to main
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
*** Error code 1
make: Warning: Target `all’ not remade because of errors

Compilation finished at Fri May 3 16:42:02

Does it exist several versions of the library? maybe, I use an older one… I read a makefile on the web in which it was -lglui2 and not -lglui which was included

Read those link errors. It seems to me as if you’re not using (linking with) the library at all!