glui & glut & jpg

Hi all,

At first, I apologize for my very bad frenglish. Hope u can understand what I mean.

I am writing a small application which aims to represent implicit surface. My GUI choice is glui because, as I am not a programmer, and glui is really simple to use. Moreover glui is writed at top of glut in ANSI c++, and so, it is OS independant. It can be found at:

Don t know if glui (but glut maybe) has an influence in my pb but … :wink:

Have 2 questions:

  • When the main function is launched (hard evaluation on maths functions), glui window is not properly redrawn or maintained. How can I do that ? (keep in mind that glui is similar to glut in fact). Any example anywhere ?

  • Does any of u have already coded a jpeg (or bmp) saver ? I mean, I have a gluti window; how can I save its graphical contents in a jpg file ? a basic example ?

It is essential to me that solutions r universal (not specific to a particular OS, or implementation or whatsoever). Also, simple to execute, pliz ;-))

Thx u all.

P.S.: already posted this in NeHe forum & email to Paul … no response :frowning: