GLUI application fails on run

Hello all,

I am trying to compile and run an application that uses GLUT and GLUI. I am using Microsoft Visual Studio on a 32-bit Windows XP machine.

My application built fine, but when I go to run it, I get the error message “This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Review the manifest file for possible errors. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem. For more details, please see the application event log.”

I have no problems running regular OpenGL and GLUT programs, so I recompiled the glui library to no effect.

I am not sure how to look at the manifest file, but did use dependency walker and found that the system could not find msvcp80d.dll or dwmapi.dll, even though those files do exist on the system.

I have successfully run this program on another XP machine using VS 2005, but cannot figure out what is going wrong on the machine I do need to run this on.

Has anyone else run into this? Any suggestions?


Welcome in Microsoft land, format your windows partition and then, let us informed.

I am not sure what you mean about formatting my Windows partition. What will this do, and how do I do it?


It was a crude way to say “this has nothing to do with opengl, this is pure MS domain, good luck as I have less problems on my linux” :smiley:

could not find msvcp80d.dll or dwmapi.dll, even though those files do exist on the system.

It depends, where are they on your system ?
Try to copy them to the directory where your executable is.
Otherwise it may be a problem with debug/release dlls : try compiling your program in release, or the other way round.

:smiley: I must admit that this was a bit nasty.

Yeah compiling in release mode should at least “solve” the problem with the msvcp80d.dll file, since this is the MS C++ debug library.

Have you tried to compile and run other other projects in Debug (not release) ?

I have found a thread here related to your problem. It might help you.