Well, this is not a real problem with coding OGL, but it’s related with the last version o GLUI and the *&@^&#$@ drivers from my new video board: Diammond SpeedStart A90 AGP 4X based on the SAVAGE 4 PRO chipset.

In the past, using a not-true 3D accelerated video board (from ATI, with chipset RAGE II+) i developed a lot of programs using GLUT and GLUI under Windows and Linux. The programs are teaching tools to explain the work of electrical machines and are avaliable for free download at my website (

I recently made an upgrade of my system to an AMD ATHLON 550 Mhz with the Savage 4 Pro video board. The system is great, running fine all games (using OGL, D3D, Software render, etc.).

Now when i run my programs the GLUI interface is functional but it appears with a lot of problems (wrong colors, bitmaps, etc.). I think the problem is related with the S3 OGL drivers, but i’m not sure.

Can somebody help me anyway ?
Thanks in advance.


PS: next email i will use call lists rather than glBegin/glEnd… 8)

Yep your problem is the drivers. They’re B***S***. If you search on the internet, you’re bound to find a few petitions to try and get the people with the power to sort them out. Been going on a year a no improvements i’m afraid…