gluDisk with Windows Vista

Hi everyone,

I am having some problems with gluDisk on my Windows Vista computer.

A program that worked previously for me on a non-Vista machine ran very slowly on my Vista machine, and I eventually found the problem to be my call to gluDisk. When I changed the last parameter in gluDisk to 1, instead of 8, it worked fine. [code: gluDisk(qobj, 0.0, 2.5, 30, 1); ] (I am assuming this occured because of Vista because it worked fine on the other computer, although I guess I can’t be sure Vista is the culprit.)

Now I added a glLineWidth call [ code: glLineWidth(7); ] and it makes the disk change to a larger non-circular shape, even though the glLineWidth call should have nothing to do with gluDisk (as far as I know!)

Have any other people had problems with gluDisk in Windows Vista? Has anyone found any work-arounds for it?

Thank you so much!