Can someone tell me where I can get the latest glu.h and glu.lib files. I have search goolgle, but cant come up with any links… I really need it since it seems that i have a old copy of the files. I need the 3d texure mipmap function and its not in my version…


For Windows, 1.1 is the latest. You may have drivers that support greater than 1.1, however. To access those functions above 1.1, use function pointers defined in glext.h (which can be found at nVidia’s developer website) and use wglGetProcAddress to get addresses to those functions in the driver.

The reason it is like this is because OpenGL32.dll is controlled by Microsoft and they have not yet added the entry points for anything above 1.1. However, using wglGetProcAddress allows card manufacturers to put those functions within their own DLLs for the card drivers.


Did you want glu32.lib or glu.lib?

I have glu.h and glu32.lib, so if you want the files I can e-Mail them to you.

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