GLU, WGL and GLX spec files

Does anyone know if there any publicly available, up-to-date GLU/WGL/GLX .spec files? The latest I have been able to find come from the SGI Sample Implementation, which is, at the very least, outdated. Several WGL functions are also absent.

These specs are important to people writing bindings to the OpenGL API (in this case C# bindings for the Tao Framework and OpenTK).

(File list: glu.spec, enumglu.spec, glx.spec, glxext.spec, glxenum.spec, glxenumext.spec, wgl.spec, wglext.spec, wglenum.spec, wglenumext.spec, and the relevant .tm files if they exist)

The official new location for the OpenGL extension registry (including wgl and glx) is

I don’t see the .spec files for wgl and glx but at least you can find the up-to-date glxext.h and wglext.h .

See the thread here:;f=2;t=021310

Thanks, I know. Since these files are not available at the registry, I was wondering if they were to be found at some other place - and if not, whether the official files could be uploaded to the registry.

(The Mesa project maintains its own unofficial specs, but the official ones contain more information).