GLU: not maintained anymore?

The latest GLU release is 2-year old and is quite deprecated.
Does anyone want to get involved in updating it a bit (individuals or another ARB working group)? When I look at my engine’s roadmap, I see many things wich could be done once for all and used by everyone. Is just sucks I must spend several monthes coding things that could be part of the standard.
Many things can go in GLU: view dependant progressive meshes management, connectivity related functions, etc… Everything that lies between the scenegraph level and the vertex level.


Those kinds of operations do not belong in GLU. They belong in some higher-level geometry utility library.

There’s a Gnu Triangulated Meshes library if memory serves. I’m sure there’s about 10 more opensource mesh projects, of which maybe 1 or 2 actually has any activity :slight_smile: Try a quick search on SourceForge, perhaps?

Hmm…GLu could be upgraded.
Yep it’s quit old now…
It should be somthing like D3DX for D3D8 ( but please non-OOP DD ).

Yes, OOP is just terrible, isn’t it?

God, it’s like the last 10 years never happened…

I have something like GLU. I added some GL relevant functionality. Some of it is already present in GLU, but I wanted to have the float version. Nothing about mesh processing in there. That stuff is elsewhere

The thing with such projects is that people are inclined to overcomplicating matters.
I have a VC++ GLU project if you want. Ready to compile from the IDE.


Well…they could add basic 3d math functions to glu ( like vec3, vec4, quaternions and matrices ).
It’s kind of tough to write them for a newbie.
Real pain in the ass at the begining to write them ( but wou’ll understand whats happening

and kackered.
With OOP I meant like C++
Not everybody wants to use C++.
Not everybody wants to use OOP techinueqs.
But I don’t want to start C vs C++ flame war.
Everybody uses what he want’s, and what he thinks is best.