Glu.h has gone missing in FC5

Hello all,

I’ve recently installed FC5 and <GL/glu.h> no longer exists…I googled around and found out this:

“This is another friendly reminder to all developers and package maintainers that “XFree86-devel” and “xorg-x11-devel” will no longer exist in Fedora Core 5.”

Which explains why…What I couldn’t find out, is what package(s) I need to install in order to get my glu.h back!!!

Can anyone help?

g, left pane has a link SGI’s GLU. Or

I don’t know it right away(I was dissapointed with fedora so I moved to gentoo), but that package was something like mesa-devel or so. You can search for gl with the package utility, you’ll find it eventually :slight_smile: I did :slight_smile:

yeap…all sorted now…
It turns out I was missing mesa-libGLU-devel for some wierd reason…

All sorted now…
Thx for the help,

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