glTranslate* and glRotate* in OpenGL ES 2.0

I’m starting with OGL ES 2.0 and I’m a bit lost with one thing.
The spec doesn’t contain glTranslate, glRotate, glFrustum.

How do I modify the position and/or orientation of object on my scene?

I’ve managed to find glUniformMatrix*. And I can pass any 4x4 transformation matrix to the vertex shader and use it for my calculations.

The thing is that I have to manually calculate each transformation matrix using the CPU. Right? Or is there a more fancy way to do this?

BTW. Does this also apply to OpenGL 3.x ?

thanks :slight_smile:

Yes it does, at least in forward compatible mode, you have to cook your own, but don’t worry it’s not hard.
just folow this link

Thanks very much :slight_smile:

I do have one more question however.

As I am only starting to use shaders. I’m not sure whether should or shouldn’t I use glTranslate*, glRotate* etc. in OpenGL 2.x with shaders?

it’s up to you but it’s a bit easier and you do have access to the resulting matrices from within the shader.

But as your doing more and more advanced stuff, doing it your own way isn’t a bad idea.

Many thanks for the help :slight_smile: