GLTrace and extensions

I played a bit with gl-trace and noticed that it doesn’t trace most of the opengl extensions. it seems to be stuck on version 1.2 or so (maybe MS opengl32.dll?). To newer extensions it says somthing like “extension not found”.
So does anyone know how to get gl-trace to log newer extensions too? Do i have to “extend” the source? Has anyone done this before?

If you did a search on these forums for a program called glIntercept,(it is a glTrace like program) you would find that it logs ALL OpenGL extensions. However the links are now probably dead.

But you are in luck that in a few days (next week?) version 0.2 will be released. If you are in a hurry I could send you via email the old 0.1 version or a beta of the 0.2 version.

Great work. Would be nice to have a working version of that program. So if you could upload it somewhere or send it to me via email that would be even nicer
Its not that important for me, so if you’re short in time i’ll wait for the next release.