Gltf Tools With C#

Hello, I’m a C# developer new to gltf and 3d tech.
I’m looking for tools for gltf models as Nuget packages.
I found this repo but I didn’t find any examples or clear documentation on what features does it do and how it does them.

Any help is appreciated
Thanks in advance

This repo doesn’t currently have any documentation, but it is relatively straight forward to use. You can find some examples here: glTF-CSharp-Loader/SampleModelsTest.cs at master · KhronosGroup/glTF-CSharp-Loader (

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Hello @bghgary
I honestly didn’t understand the use cases for the repo. I’m very new to 3d and I’m intermediate in C#.
If you can tell me what use cases this repo is used for. For example, does it provide a scene to view the gltf/glb models? Does it provide features where you can tweak the settings of the model? Does it provide ways to convert a glb to gltf file and vice versa?

Thanks in advance

It doesn’t do a lot. It loads the glTF into a structure that you can use to manipulate the contents. That’s about it.

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