glTexImage2D Error on Nvidia GEFORCE

Having just installed the 52.16 NVidia GEFORCE drivers I was surprised to find none of of my textures displaying, and glTexImage2D returning an error code INVALID_OP. I use simple GL texture mapping GL_RGBA4 or GL_RGB with genTextures, and glBindTexture. I have the params set to wrap and repeat and the mode to modulate. The filters are linear/linear. I suspected the worst but after some simple debugging ( I commented out the call to glPrioritizeTextures ) hey presto every thing was working. Carumba! The problem now is whether this is good or bad. I don’t need to call glPrioritizeTextures so I can leave it out. However is this the bug, or has NVidia snuck something in a little more clever, which glPrioritizeTextures simply tripped??

Any ideas …

NOTE : I do not use any gl extensions or any calls to NVIDIA functions, nor any NVIDIA params.

glPrioritizeTextures doesn’t generate an invalid_op by itself, it can only generate invalid_value because the “n” parameter is negative.
INVALID_OP is generated if you have issued it at an illegal position e.g. between glBegin an glEnd in your code.

Thanks for the tip but I’m afraid it is’nt that. I have checked all my b/e calls and there all finite. I did this upon seeing the invalid_op as that is what I should suspect. I fear something a little more complex or hopefully a NVidia driver bug.