glTexCoord2f help with loader!!

I have my mesh loader working nice and i thought it was time to get some uvs out of the mesh file too i get all in an array and when i try to set gltexcoord2f OUT of FOR loop where i create the triangles and normals, it doesnt work! i know i must put it inside the for loop where i create the normal then the gltexcoord call and the vertex call but i cant do it that way no its not c++ is it possible to create the tex coords off of the main creation FOR loop ??

could you please some code to see what you want to do … because I don’t understand what you are trying to achieve (except that you want to specify vertices, normals and texture coordinates)

So you’re saying that with glTexCoord*(); you’re trying to ‘attach’ the texture to a geomoetric-primitive but it doesn’t display the texture?
Are you sure you’ve bound the texture before you’ve used glTexCoord with glBindTexture()
And did you specify the right arguments to glTexImage*D()?
Greetz Hylke

yes i fixed it 1 minute after i posted but i forgot to delete the post or edit saying i solved the problem

now i dont seem to understnd how to achive varius textures at the same time i can only seem to load one bitmap when i load the other one it crashes