GLSurfaceView report EGL_BAD_SURFACE error

Hello, I want to integrate OpenXR on Android platform
I use GLSurfaceView in the Java layer, GLSurfaceView have inited EGL environment in GLThread, this all in Java layer.
And I use OpenXR in native code, use eglGetCurrentContext to get EGLContext, use eglGetCurrentDisplay to get EGLDisplay, they all look fine, but when after onDrawFrame, GLSurfaceView report an EGL_BAD_SURFACE error, GLThread is blocked,draw frame only call once. can anyone help me?

Hmm, I’m not sure. Our runtime, Monado, has some Android support, but we don’t use GLSurfaceView, we use Vulkan instead. Are you part of a company who is a Khronos member? There are some members-only discussion areas around Android that might be helpful, otherwise you can look into building on top of Monado

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