GlSlang Shader Designer

Hello i am writing an app, a GLSLang Shader Designer (glslang shader compiler-viewer in real time), because i don’t want to write shaders with notepad. This is the general aspect of the main dialog:
I would accept some ideas and features for the app.
I try make this app for all de opengl glslang comunity.

P.D: the program is only-windows because i am using the .net framework in C++.

Hey, great! :slight_smile:

I think that more than only one Vertex Shader/Fragment Shader per program (as defined in the Spec) support would be nice!

I have that feature on my mind

Looking good :slight_smile:


I was planning on the same type of program. (Once NVIDIA ships GLSL drivers.)

Looks like much more useful than ATI Ashli(at least public version 1.1). Great.

>> the program is only-windows because i am using the .net framework in C++.
If yщu have plans to publish a program sources, it would not be a problem to translate it to Mono/GTK#(for Linux/BSD/OSX/IRIX).

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Hello, i’m almost ending the app, but in two days i will have to travel because christmas holidays, and during two weeks i can’t code nothing :stuck_out_tongue: (will i survive?). I’m think that near 10-January (maybe earlyer)i will finished the first version.
Releasing source code… that signify that all people can laught at my dirty code XD.

If you want the source code, i’ll clean and release it without problems
Here are some screensots of th app
P.D: The only thing that i doesn’t code are the glslang apply code in the rendering loop, and the example meshes. (at the moment only render a single plane and the modulated textures)

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interesting app. is it heavy on resources? ShaderWorks is running slow.

let me know if you need testers

I think that the app is very light, on mi PC (WinXP pro. 256 RAM, 3DLabs VP 560, AMD duron 1Ghz) the app runs fine (near 1100 fps on render with no shader program active).
Some specs of the app:
Use glew to load extensions (portable and free)
Use DevIL to load textures (portable and free)
Not allowed textures non power of two (3dlabs cards hasn’t that extension)
At Least six vertex shaders and six fragment shader per program shader object (next version it will be dynamically assigned).
Textures only 2D (next version 1D, 3D and cube maps will be added).
Meshes to show the shader program: plane (tesselated to 10x10 quads), sphere, cube and teapot.
Compiler and Linker shader program output (maybe in the next version software compilation without render and the StandAlone compiler from 3dlabs?)

That are all folks (like bugs bunny…) i accept more ideas to add features

suggestion: custom mesh to preview shader

I will include a 3dsmax plugin to export meshes (vertices, texture coordinates and vertex normals only) in a format readable for the application, and i’ll make another dialog to load/select meshes.

I have a suggestion if you’re all out of ideas; color the operands in a different color to make it easier on the eyes
I would also suggest the ability to comment out a chunk of code, but then everyone who uses them would have to preprocess their shaders for themselves so… (Yeah, my loader currently ignores block-comments and “//”-style comments :stuck_out_tongue: )

Arg! tomorrow i must travel, and i doesn’t come back until 4-5 January. And the worst thing is that the beta is at 99%, the shaders works, but some interface related issues and uniform variables parsing are pending and i have no time to end them today.

The beta will have the posibility of use custom meshes (exported from 3dsmax with my flexporter plugin), with some restrictions: The coordinates must be normalized (min -1, max +1), but the best thing is that support many hierarchical meshes, whenever to have enough room in a bounding box (with max = 1 and min = -1)
Many vp/fp are allowed too, and i am searching the way to do a syntax hightligh in the RTF TexBox. Some thing, such as C-style comments ( /blablabla/) will be parsed too, but no in this beta.

Well, in two weeks i’ll be back .

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