glslang, getting started -- drivers, libraries, and headers oh my...

Topic: getting started – drivers, libraries, and headers oh my…

i originally posted the following concerns in the shading language forum… but i thought it might get more attention here. if a moderator wants to delete which ever one is less appropriate feel free. my question i feel is simple enough… and i am admittedly in a hurry for a solution. -michael

for whatever its worth, essentially my goal is to be able to run and compile the newer nvidia SDK7.0 opengl demos. i need API library and drive support with a QuadroFX card, and i’m at my wits end about where to look online as usual with opengl.

long story – i’m a long time opengl enthusiast… but if there is anything i can’t stand about it, it is the fact that every time i need to get new libraries it is a living hell.

why is there no easy to find central resource online for keeping up with opengl software developments? you can’t even get libraries on best i can tell.

essentially i’m trying to bring my graphics hardware programming environment up to speed. last time i was programming gpus i was using nvidia Cg… now it looks like ‘glslang’ is pretty standardized, and nvidia is using it and the related API for its opengl demos.

right now i’m just trying to get the latest nvidia sdk demos to run.

i’m getting this message:

“Necesarry extensions unsupported” GL_ARB_shader_objects GL_ARB_vertex_shader GL_ARB_Fragment_shader"

i had hoped installing the newest nvidia drivers would at least alleviate issue for running demos. but it didn’t.

as far as i know, the sdk just runs pre-compiled dlls against the browsers executable.

what am i missing to run these demos… or get my card, a QuadroFX, to recognize these extensions.

i also need to be able to compile for ‘glslang’, so i’m assuming i will need new libraries and headers. where can i get these, why are they not distributed with drivers and SDKs?

if nothing else, maybe someone can email the smaller hard to find resources.

if my assumptions are mistaken somewhere please let me know.



it should just work with new drivers (my understanding)
else u can search for NVemulate as small app that alters the regestry under windows (though i didnt think it was necessary any more)

thanks for the input. before i comment though, the other thread in the ‘glslang’ forum faired better, so it is best to let this one die i think.


for what its worth though, it turned out that the drivers i downloaded from nvidia, which were marked beta with a newer version, didn’t take in the registry. figure there is a ‘beta’ switch somewhere. anyhow, i just downloaded the normal drivers which work fine.

there is more info in the ‘glslang’ forum.