GLSL Version 1.30 not available


I managed to initialize OpenGL 3.0. Everything works fine besides I can not use GLSL 1.30. E.g. setting “#version 130”
gives an error. Using keywords like smooth gives an error.

Do I somehow need to enable GLSL 1.30? If I query the version, it says 1.30!

I do have the following environment:

  • Windows Vista SP 1
  • NVIDIA 180.48
  • GLEW 1.5.1

Cheers Norbert

I managed to initialize OpenGL 3.0.

You’re using a beta driver. File a bug report on it and move on.

Finally I managed to make my code work. The problem was a missing line break in the source of the shader file :o

Common, I’m sure you could be nice sometime …