GLSL Shading Language for my opengl 3.1 any?

is there any glsl for my opengl 3.1? i searched in google and no luck all different versions cause when i use different versions it creates syntax errors.
also if i do :

#version 330

is it for the other versions?

so if i got the glsl for my 3.1 what version do i put?

If memory serves, you want GLSL version 1.4 to get the absolute latest for that OpenGL version, so use #version 140.

OpenGL 3.3 was when they started syncing up the GL and GLSL version numbers IIRC (3.3 -> #version 330, 4.0 -> #version 400, etc.) Before that the correspondence was a bit odd (3.2 -> 1.5 == #version 150, 3.1 -> #version 140, etc.)

So pls can I have a link to the 1.4 cause I just searched for a long time but no luck

It’s on, right next to all of the other specifications:

there all different versions and no downloads.i want 1.4

You don’t download OpenGL versions. You just install your graphics card’s drivers.

Umm I’m talking about glsl syntax highlight version 1.40 not the opengl version.

You never said anything about syntax highlighting. Syntax highlighting for what IDE? This is something that Google would probably be better to find.

Cant cause there all different versions like I said

It’s a syntax highlighter; it’s not essential tech for using OpenGL. If the version of the highlighter is off a bit, so what? Just restrict yourself from using non 1.40 features. And your compiler should do that for you well enough.

Plus, nobody can tell you what syntax highlighter to use for your IDE without knowing what your IDE is.

How? Cause I’m new to opengl

I watched a tut of making a game engine and I use java eclipse and I have to use it

I have to use glsl for shaders

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