GLSL Shader Development


I am currently developing GLSL shaders on the mac platform. However i have come across a problem…

Using Apple’s Shader builder i cant seem to hook the attributes to the gl pipleline to get the binormal and tangent vectors. I need them for normal mapping shader previews.

Anyone have any ideas?


Can you give any more info on your problem?

Writing a shader to do what you want is fairly trivial.

I rarely, if ever, use shader builder to do any shader work as I compile and build my shaders with XCode, and OpenGL.

So I am a bit confused as to what you are having a problem doing.

Basically I want the shader builder to link between the attributes and data sent down the gl pipeline (tangent and binormal at each vertex).

This would allow me to interactively build normal maps shaders in the shader builder. ATI Rendermonkey has these attribute hooks but i can’t find anything in the apple application.

Not something I am familiar with I am afraid. I suspect you can’t do it… but someone may know something I don’t…

I presume you are looking for something like the Visual Studio GUI Interface hooks, or the Apple Interface Builder IBOutlet type things… But I am not aware of them in Shader Builder… Then again… I don’t use Shader Builder much at all, apart from as a handy shader validator.

The Lighthouse 3D website has a very nice tutorial on how to build and link GLSL shaders, and how to hook the attributes into your code… Maybe that would be a better approach? It is certainly not a lot more typing than using IBOutlets, or IBActions for GUI stuff, which is perhaps why it’s not such a high priority for Apple.

They still have to integrate Geometry Shader recognition into Shader Builder after all! :wink: