GLSL on Intel GMA 950, or lack thereof

I was researching why my GLSL program doesn’t work on an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950.

The card says it is OpenGL version 1.4, however it doesn’t have the GLSL functions, such as glCompileShaderARB(), glLinkProgramARB(), etc…

When I looked closely at the requirements for GLSL, I found that it needs the following extensions:


This Intel card doesn’t have those.

However, it does have these:


While reading the definition of those, I became confused about their significance. Are they an older version of GLSL? What are they?

They are the older assembly interface versions of shaders. (pre GLSL) Games like Doom3/Quake4 use these interfaces.

If you are programming GLSL you may be able to use the Nvidia Cg compiler to take GLSL and output this older assembly interface (the arbfp and arbvp profiles) Not sure if it would work however.

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