GLSL math library

I know this is not 100% GL related but bare with me…

It would be good if the ARB (or some ARB members) released a C++ version of all the GLSL math functions. (ie. all the vec2/3/4 and mat2/3/4 and overridden associated operators)

This would not only make people more comftable and familiar with GLSL, it would also provide a “standard” math library for OpenGL (like D3DX). (With also possibilities of SSE type optimizations)

I know it would not be much effort for any competent C++ programmer to make such a library, but it would help if it had an official ARB (or ARB member) “stamp” of approvial. (besides, most ARB members probably have a software implementation already for their software fallbacks)

I agree with you… Good math library is needed. My team has made math library very similar to GLSL with all GLSL types supported and with swizzle support.


I am working on a similar project based on GLSL spec. It will be release quickly but it haven’t any official support.