Glsl/leopard freeze hw

Hi !

I am having a fragment shader that locks the HW. No application can respond etc. In bootcamp everything works fine but when I have run the shader and reboots, the OSX will not start up ? I need to press the power button to get it to run again ?

These shaders are really dangerous virus :wink:

Anyone else with these problems ???

I haven’t seen that behavior for a while, but I don’t doubt what you’re seeing :wink:

What hardware are you using?

Make sure you have 10.5.2 and the graphics update, then file a bug.

Are you sure you didn’t just crash the GPU?
If you have another machine you can always try to ssh in and reboot it cleanly that way. I have had to do that a few times with my first ropey attempts at shaders!!

Post the shader(s) and what renderer(s) you were testing with. Furthermore as OSC stated above please file a Radar (i.e. ASAP.

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