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I know this topic was discussed a lot before, but without any solutions founds. Isn’t there any descent GLSL IDE for the mac? I’m talking about autocomplete, highlighting, scene manipulation, debugging … etc
Either no one thought to make one for mac or someone is supposed to but is too lazy to do it. If no one thought about it before (which I doubt) I suggest making one :smiley: , I’m a normal software engineer (no guru skills) but I offer my help to any one interested (some experienced guys).

It didn’t take long to find one and apple actually has it’s own. There are others but check this:

check this tutorial

It explains where to download it and how to set it up. I think it goes over a little tutorial to show you how to use it. I think this glsl ide is most likely limited to glsl 1.2(opengl 2.1) but better than nothing it shouldn’t be hard to convert it to a higher version of glsl.

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Yes, I know about Mac’s OpenGL Shader Builder and it is the only one available, thats why I posted my post. OpenGL Shader Builder is too limited, no autocomplete, you can’t manipulate the scene, syntax highlighting is silly, it is too basic. I was hoping to find something like Nvidia FX Composer on Windows for HLSL.

I think your best bet is to use shader builder. I found one called lumina that says it works with mac but I don’t think it’s that much better.

Lumina: (may need to be compiled)

heres a thread that went into more about the state of a glsl debugger and ide.

It kinda sucks that there seems to be a lack of a glsl ide with debugging for free but I think most of us read what comes out of glshaderlog and have the glsl spec open to reference. As for debugging, isolating the problem into a rendertexture to see what going on I think may be the norm or something to that degree.

Yes, I guess you are right. I tried to compile Lumina before, but I failed, I’ll try again and will post any successful results I reach, anyway, thanks for sharing info.

I need help with finding a GLSL IDE for the mac. I have Qt 4.7 installed.

I’ve downloaded both Lumina and Shader Maker. I actually found an executable file for Shader Maker but the program freezes when it loads.

Lumina… I have no idea how to install it. It comes with source files that I’ve tried to put together in Xcode with the neccessary frameworks and I still get thousands of errors. The readme says something about qmake and make?? Why dont they just include an executable file that you simply click on and it opens?

I suppose for now I’m stuck with the Shader Builder provided in /Developer/Applications…

I have been able to compile lumina on macosx 10.6.3.
First unpack the source package.
You have to modify the qmake project and correct a bug in a source file.

in the file, remove the three lines that begins with “unix:”.
In the src/glwrapper_shader.cpp, change the “int” to “GLint” variable on line 185 (if I remember correctly… see the error line).
Then run qmake to create the makefiles, make and make install

qmake -spec macx-g++
make install

or you can run it without installing


hope that helps…

Is there no other GLSL shader IDE for Mac OSX ? This sux big time and I cannot believe it :frowning:

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