GLSL IDE/designer/editor?

I am looking for a development environment for GLSL. Basically, I would prefer an IDE/designer with preview over a text editor with syntax highlighting.

I am interested in the freeware version of Typhoon Labs’ OpenGL Shader Designer, but their site went down a few days ago, and I can’t find any mirrors anywhere. Sadly, NVIDIA’s FX Composer only supports HLSL (I need GLSL). I may settle with ATI’s RenderMonkey, but I wanted to see if there is something simpler and more GLSL-centric.

Does anybody have a copy of the OpenGL Shader Designer’s installer? Would it be legal to ask for a copy? Since it is freeware, I don’t think it would be foul play to ask someone for a copy (I may be wrong, so please feel free to correct/rebuke me, no intention to break the law here). Also, I am open to suggestions regarding other software that may do what I am looking for.

It’s a pity the problem with Shader Designer, but I think that RenderMonkey is a good IDE, imho i think that is easier to use than Shader Designer.

A little time ago I use the two to make my GLSL prototypes, and I use mainly, at the first stages, RenderMonkey. I use Shader Designer later, because in my program, I use two different files, one for the vertex program and one for the fragment program, as the shader designer. At this moment i only use the IDE to debug little things.

More self promoting:
If you use GLIntercept’s run-time shader editing, you can use your own app as the “previewer”.

Shader editor in action:

We are migrating our server, so our site will be down for some days yet. I’ve placed a simple static web page with the links to download all Shader Designer stuff (windows binaries/sources, linux binaries)

The other material will wait until the site will be online, as well as some new stuff (nothing very impressive, a 120 pages of a GLSL course written by myself :wink: )

Ffelagund, thanks so much for your help over MSN! I like your product a lot.

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