glsl help - applying textures to use with fshaders?

hi i have got some shaders from 3dlabs glsl demo and i was able to apply them to my program but i dont know how i should apply the textures

i already have a texture loader which handles tga
but how should i apply this textures?

how does glsldemo know which textures to load for each shader ?? i just found the vertex and fragment shader files on the demo dir! it does seems like its all in the xml pff

anyways in one of the shaders at the xml it says it uses a texture called ‘‘house.jpg’’ i converted that into tga and loaded then binded to my model but when i apply the shader the texture doesnt show up what am i doing wrong now??

thanks again sorry for being such a newbie but im learning thanks to your suggestions

umh it works now but it doesnt with other shaders like the eroded one whats the specs of the 3d noise?

i would like to test all the shaders like the inferno one but doesnt seem to work very fine