Glsl getting started

I am starting to learn the basics of programming shaders with GLSL. The orange book gives already a good amount of useful material.

But from the practical point of view, which is the best or easiest way to start to code shaders?

Would you advice the use of Rendermonkey & stuff like that?

What environment and documentation do you use when coding shaders?


You can start with: tutorials
and for developing shaders:
You will find that, for starting, its the easiest application to use. Later, you can move to RenderMonkey, for writting multipass shaders for example.


I’ve never been able to get ShaderDesigner to work on my machine (Apple MacBook Pro running Windows XP SP2).

I’d be interested to know if it runs for anyone else.


Instead of ShaderDesigner, try Lumina :

Can you tell me the error that the SD throws to you?, perhaps I could write a quick patch.

By the way, I’m waiting for GL3.0 before starting another (and much better of course) shader autoring tool (truly multiplatform, animation support, multiscene, bla bla bla). I dont want start a project and after few months realize that its totally outdated.


I get an error
‘The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click OK to terminate the application’.

Hope this helps.


You need to install .net framework.

Ah… thanks yooyo. I’ll try that.


Now it works…
Thanks again yooyo


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