GLSL Getting Started Tutorial out there?

Has anyone created a GLSL tutorial? I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s running into issues. The tutorial could list a number of FAQs (e.g. vendor specific driver issues, extension issues, compiler issues, etc.). It could start out with a “Hello World” example and build from there. The example, ogl2example.c, at doesn’t include a Visual C++ 6.0 project (nor Linux makefile). I’ve not been able to get it to compile trying to build one myself referencing ogl2example.vcproj.

Tutorials have been done very nicely for Cg – with numerous examples. And, being an experienced Cg programmer makes it a bit frustrating to be dealing with configuration issues due to GLSL. … just trying to get over the hump here

Much thanks for any help!

Have you tried 3dlabs developer section?

They have examples and their SIGGRAPH slides should also be there.

I’ve looked through the slides and have downloaded a few examples. However, nothing I’ve found addresses issues such as: setup, drivers, extensions, compilation, etc. Note, I’m not looking for a description of shaders or GLSL necessarily, but, rather a startup tutorial such as the articles found at

Maybe I’m asking for something that just hasn’t had time to mature yet. Hopefully, we’ll see something like the CgTutorial soon.

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I was created a project and compiled the example3.c without problem, if you want i’ll send to you

please, can you send me your exemple ? :slight_smile:
i want to use glsl on linux, and i dont find one help…
thank you :wink:

I’ve written an article on NeHe’s site:

It covers the basics of GLSL.

sht, my video card doesn’t support ARB_vertex_shader ARB_fragment_shader :mad:
ckin’ Radeon 9200se :frowning:

Originally posted by vazycbonca:
please, can you send me your exemple ? :slight_smile:
i want to use glsl on linux, and i dont find one help…
thank you :wink:

I was able to get GLSL to work with Fedora Core 2 after downloading the latest nVIDIA driver. I haven’t tried lately with RH.

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