GLSL, fragment&vertexshader. modelView

Hey.Fairly new to Opengl .I’m wondering of how i can send a triangle strip as seen below to a fragment& vertexshader in modelview.
i’ve used layout locations &positions before to make a skybox but i’m not quite sure about the in&outs when it comes to this one.
I guess the question is how to apply a gl triangle strip to a buffer?

any useful links are also welcome.
any input is appreciated. thnx

In header. below is part of a void. (a terrain taken from, if anyone’s used it before)

	for(int x = 0; x < _terrain->width(); x++) {
		Vec3f normal = _terrain->getNormal(x, z);
		glNormal3f(normal[0], normal[1], normal[2]);// xyz index
		glVertex3f(x, _terrain->getHeight(x, z), z);
		normal = _terrain->getNormal(x, z + 1);
		glNormal3f(normal[0], normal[1], normal[2]);
		glVertex3f(x, _terrain->getHeight(x, z + 1), z + 1);
glfwSwapBuffers(window);//swaps with main window


int terrainload{

call voids stuff here

initiate in main file
main in cpp file.

GLuint mainterrain = terrainload();