GLSL file specs?

I was wondering if there was a standard for describing a full GLSL shader in a file (vertex + geometry + fragment in a single file).
I browsed around a bit, but didn’t find anything close to something “official”.


Nothing like that.
It’s up to you to split things.

That there is no combining shaders within a single source file or string is perhaps reflective of the general inability to mix and match compiled shaders without an explicit link and validation step - part and parcel of a larger design goal.

If you want a container for GLSL you should use COLLADA FX but I don’t know if geometry shader are supported.
Actually is the only word that khronos group understand. :stuck_out_tongue:
The Collada wiki explain everything… >_> T_T

You can find some sample here:

Yep, or you could just use Cg :wink:

The requirement to link GLSL programs (instead of addressing each stage independently) has been a recurring irritant for us and one which we hope to strike down some fine day.

Are there also thoughts to make the name of the main function of a shader an API parameter, defaulting to main?

Barris, I think the only easy and secure way to fix that is to add semantics, expose HW resource-slots.