GLSL extensions rules

I have readed this file:

And then I remembe that in Cg there is a type half for half float.

Then I have a look on GL_NV_half_float specification to see if there half float are available on GLSL with this extension.

It wasn’t the case, but I still have question about how this half type could be add into GLSL according GLSL extension rules.

The type itself should be named __halfNV and we could add also something like __hvec2NV, __hvec3NV and __hvec4NV. It could be useful to apply a noramlization on these vectors.

Is it need to create a function like normalizeNV or the build in function normalize could be overloaded by GLSL extension?

Also is nVidia card support half float, why they didn’t update the GL_NV_half_float specification?

If I understood well what you meant, you mus use the ones defined in the GLSL for lighting or create the ones for yourself.

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