GLSL and ATI mobility cards


Ive just started playing with GLSLANG, all is rosy on my desktop and 9800XT.

However, my main work machine a DELL Inspiron 8200 with an ATI Mobility 9000 does not seem to support the required extensions.

Does anyone know if there is a work around to get GLSLANG working on mobility chipsets?

Ive tried Cat 4.9 drivers with that dhmod inf patchers thingy, latest DNA and latest OMEGA drivers… No love…

Do the FreeFireGL do anything to help? Havent tried those yet.

Any help/suggestions welcome,


The ATI Mobility 9000 series are not OpenGL SL capable.

In fact, they are not even not supporting the ARB_fragment_program as well. Only ATI_fragment_shader is supported with this chipset.
(it’s a ‘DX8’ chipset, not a ‘DX9’)

Only the ATI Mobility 9700 supports OpenGL SL (in fact 9500 series and beyond supports GLSL)

Originally posted by execom_rt:
Only the ATI Mobility 9700 supports OpenGL SL
Well, there’s also the mobility 9600 and mobility 9800 which supports GLSL as well.

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