GLSL 1.30 with OpenGL 2.1

Hi everyone,

I am interested in using the new GLSL 1.30 features (mainly switch statements and tex coord offsets), but at the moment I don’t see any compelling reason to port my app from OpenGL 2.1 to 3.0 since all the new features are available as extensions anyway in 2.1 and the old features are all still there in 3.0. Can GLSL 1.30 be used in a 2.1 context? How would I go about doing that? Is it as simple as putting #version 130 at the beginning of the shader source?

Thank you

I did not saw something about using glsl 1.3 with gl2.1 but why not use GL 3.0 ? It is still fully backward compatible with 2.1 …

I did not want to go GL 3.0 right away because I’d rather wait for the drivers to mature a bit. There is more to implement in the full 3.0 context (driver side) than only the GLSL 1.30 version.

I did not see anything about support to glsl 1.3 on GL 2.1 either… I was hoping I had missed something!

Nvidia already has beta GL 3.0 drivers for windows. GLSL 1.3 would not be more mature in a gl 2.1 driver, what makes you think otherwise ?

Indeed I agree with you. However, all the new (potentially unstable) 3.0 stuff other than glsl 1.3 would not be present in the 2.1 driver.

That’s assuming a 2.1 driver would be separate from the 3.0 driver, which seems unlikely.

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