GLSetup doesn't work on Windows 2000?

When trying to run GLSetup on my computer with Windows 2000, I get a message like "Current operating system is not supprted…works only for Windows 95 and Windows 98. I have checked on for latest version of GLSetup. Does anyone know if or when (and how) I can solve this problem? Please, help!

You dont need GL setup.

GL setup just contains the drivers for the most common Graphic chips(thats why its so big). You got in princip the same drivers when you get your latest driver from your graphic manufactor. The problem is that GL setup doesnt got 2000 drivers for your card and probably doesnt your graphic manufactor got it either. Open GL and win 2000 is a really bad combination, hard to get it work.,due to win2k is a NT.

I had the exact same problem with win 2000. My games worked fine in win98, but win2000, “disaster” !!

I finally got my games to work in Win2000, by updating to the latest driver for my Video card, but I still have minor problems with win2000, like the games are very dark compared to win98.