glrotate, gltranslate - VBO


do glrotate, gltranslate work with models that have been created using VBO’s and shaders?

Any help gratefully appreciated.


If you’re using a vertex shader, the only effect of the fixed-function matrix operations is to assign the compatibility uniforms listed in §7.4.1 of the GLSL specification (gl_ModelViewMatrix etc).

Use of VBOs versus client-side vertex arrays versus glBegin/glEnd is unrelated to the use of shaders (beyond the fact that the core profile requires the use of both VBOs and shaders, but the fixed-function matrix operations don’t exist in the core profile).

thanks, I will be using fragment shaders too. I have some existing vers 1.0 code on windows. I need to change the colours of the triangles after they have been created to another colour and it seems VBO’s are the only way to do it which does not eat up memory each time. I would like to continue using glrotate, gltranslate and gluPerspective rather having to use the newer matrices codes.

I program in ‘C’ and I suspect GLM is going to cause a problem as it looks like c++ with classes.