glRenderbufferStorage -- internalformat values?

What are the legal values for internalformat? I found a few in the OpenGL SuperBible 5E, but they were all float-based buffers. Can I create an integer-based buffer? Would I pass in GL_UNSIGNED_SHORT? Or is there another set of GLenum values I would use?

The rest of the OpenGL has excellent documentation. It’s rather startling that, out of the blue, this function abruptly fails to list the legal values for “internalformat”. Is it a huge list of possibilities? :stuck_out_tongue:

Usually you should expect the same set of internal formats for renderbuffers as you expect for textures that can be rendered to.

You can definitely not use GL_UNISIGNED_SHORT as internal format to a renderbuffer but you can try RGBA16UI or R16UI if you need a one component unsigned short internal format.

For a full list, please refer to the section “Required Renderbuffer Formats” of the OpenGL specification and the section “Required Texture Formats”.